Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I started this sketch a few months back and found it recently. Decided to do a bit more to it - it's not perfect, could do with a lot more love, but I find it hard to get back into a painting once the initial inspiration is gone :(

Anyhoo! It'll do fur noo!

Also it has given me an idea for a short film. Another one to add to the list of short films I want to one day eventually maybe be bothered to make.

Ken :D


Kristian said...

Tis a grand view. The colours are wonderful. Really inviting

L ROSSI said...

Beautiful image n.n
Agreed on the colours. And it really makes me wanna know the story of these two-it oozes 'film' potential!

GhettoFab said...

Loooove it! Great story feel to it

You rock Ken!

Nicholas Hong said...

this painting has how the the short film is going to look like! wow can't wait to see your film! by the way, previous character design is sick, especially Samurai one!

libra bear said...

Great pic Kenny. I want to see the movie in this aspect ratio as well haha

Ken said...

Kristian: Thanks mate! One thing I do kinda like is the colours, should really have pushed the atmosphere more though.. but nevermind. Next time!

Laurent: Cheers bud! Maybe one day....

GhettoFab: Cheers man! :D

Nicholas: Ahhh haha I dunno, I guess if it were to become a film it might need simplimified! Damn, does this mean I have to make one now? I dont wanna dissappoint :D Thanks mate I really appreciate it!

Wes: hahaha that would be epic. If utterly impractical.

Joe Sutherland said...

Great work but especially this piece that I have luckily stumbles across so far, I think the aspect ratio it is made in is really unique and the style is awesome :)