Saturday, December 01, 2012

Let the sketches begin!


Quick post - gonna try and post every day this month leading up to Christmas and then the new year :) I'm now back to being 100% freelance again so should have plenty of time!

Here's one I made earlier to kick start the process.

Ken :D

PS: My new updated website is now live! Check it out at


L ROSSI said...

Awesome - Christmas has come early! I will enjoy seeing a picture everyday n.n
I get a 'minions' vibe from these guys :3
Oh and cool new site ( I forgot to mention that in the mail) - I see the character Cube logo is now in 3D!!!! Keeping up with the times huh ;)

Ken said...

Ha you're gonna be in for some lumps of coal mate! XD

3D!!! haha hardly! By playing with the angles of lines on the page combined with subtle use of light and shade I was able to create a drawing which emulated depth! Genius huh?! ;D


What a nice creatures)

I love them)

Ken said...

Cheers Grapemonkey! @:D

Anonymous said...