Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Life drawering

5 drawings for the price of 1! I was tempted to post one of these a day but that would be cheating.

So yeh, went to life drawing last night at the Flying Duck in Glagsow for the first time in AGES. My drawing was a bit rusty, but thought these ones were acceptable. Cant wait to go back again next time I'm in town!

Ken :D

PS: My scanner is currently in a coma, so these were "scanned" with my camera. Apologies!


Shuzanne said...

Awesome, great job on the 3rd drawing, from my angle she looks like her breasts are poppin out her neck..not a good look

Ken said...

Haha it was a difficult one. Looking at these now I reckon a lot of proportions are off... And why do I not finish hands!?? You posting yours?

Shuzanne said...

Just give them forks for hands like me! Meh might do, not that many I liked this week though tbh, apart from said fork lady of course :P

Kristian said...

the top sketch is lovely. I like the unusual poses. You can feel the weight on that one.