Sunday, September 29, 2013

Train doodling

Heyyyyyyyyy. How's it going?

So a few months back, I bought a Surface Pro. I have been wanting a tablet I could draw on for ages and I finally discovered this. Only just getting around to using it now though on the commute to work! Here is, pretty much my first doodle on the Surface. It's an awesome device, it actually runs a full version of Windows 8, which means I can run photoshop, flash and any other program on it. Also, the pen and screen are pressure sensitive, so painting is awesome. Well. It might be, once I get the hang of it.

I got a huge backlog of life drawing to post here... so expect some soon.

Ken :D


Phill said...

Awesome, I want to get a tablet pc as well. How much was yours and what is the size you have here?

Ken said...

This is a 10inch screen I think... It cost me 1000 australian dollars. However, you might get a deal on these at the moment as the surface pro 2 is due for release next month. Also check out samsung they do a similar device. They also do the note 8 and android smaller tablet which runs photohop touch, and has pressure sensitiviy. If you have plenty of money though, check out the new wacom tablet coming out soon... Same idea, full PC in tablet form but with wacom pen and hotkeys built in. It looks amazing but my surface was half the price!