Monday, November 04, 2013

Crazy Scotsman / Cleaning out the pipes

You know when you turn a tap on that hasn't run in a while, all the brown gunk comes out first before the clean water?

Well, these sketches are the gunk. Not in love with this drawing but there are things I like about it... trying to develop my style, push things here and there and make my digital work look less digital.

Ken :D


Leonie Yue said...

Keep up with the sketches! His face is well done (:

Ken said...

Thanks Leonie! How are ya?

L Rossi said...

If that's the equivalent of Brown Gunk, I'm looking forward to having me a sip of the clear stuff ;)
Looking forward to seeing your anatomy poses tooo! *.*
Hope all is well down under!!

Leonie Yue said...

Hey Ken! I'm slowly easing my way back to drawing though I still need to be careful with the slight pain. (:

Also finding that using less social media and being selective with it frees up so much more time! But perhaps I'm much more out of the loop with some things.

Glad to hear you're back to blogging your personal art again. How are you faring?

Ken said...

Laurent, things are good! How about you?

Leonie, pain? Did you draw too much? RSI? And yeh, social media is a waste of time for the most part. And staying out of the loop never did anyone any harm :) Faring good thanks, same old!

Leonie Yue said...

Ken, I've been having RSI for 2 months now and haven't been drawing for that long :( Only starting to ease back into it.

Caused by not taking frequent breaks, using the normal mouse at a wrong chair height then ignoring the red flags and I need to take care of myself more.

Haha yes, social media is a huge time sink; not sure if I've found a balance. How do you juggle Ken?

Also, what does same old really mean? (:

Ken said...

Hey Leonie, that doesn't sound good. Do you have a Wacom tablet? Defo need to take more care of yourself. And remember - do other stuff too, which isn't drawing. Everyone needs a break!

I balance it by not engaging much in social media. I have a blog and a personal facebook and might get a tumblr... but the way I see it, one drawing is worth 10 social media outlets. Best to invest time in drawing than managing so many different online portals...

Same old! It means... well... nothing new happening :)

Leonie Yue said...

Hey Ken, yes I do have a Wacom tablet (just that having to use the standard mouse for something else at a horrible posture for a day plus my bad habit of no breaks triggered it).

I have yet to figure out what more things I could do that isn't strenuous for the arm/hands (aside from reading and watching things). Thanks for the kind suggestions!

Too true! Ah like yourself, I have a blog yet I use a bit of tumblr just for images and links while facebook is now too overwhelming for me because I've got too many things followed.

Fair enough! (:

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